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Energy storage

There are some different storage solutions that have been developed over the last few years that can be incorporated into the grid no matter the power or energy requirements—from generation to consumer end use. With renewable energy production on the rise, such as wind and solar, reliable energy storage solutions become a necessity…and especially so when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.

Photovoltaic energy

Our solar solutions are all designed with you – and the planet – in mind. Sometimes we over-complicate things. You do not need a physics degree to buy and install solar. We do the hard science and engineering bit so it’s easy for you. Get your solar panels to convert the sunlight to electricity.

Solar Thermal Power

Solar therman energy is collected from the sun and used to generate heat. It is usually concentrateted using mirrors, then used in heating water. Consumers use hot water in residences or businesses, or heat it until it turns into steam used to turn turbines generating electricity.

Wind turbines energy

Small turbines are used for applications such as battery charging for auxialiary power for boats, caravans or to power lights. Larger turbines are used for making contributions to domestic power supply. Large turbines are becoming an increasingly important source of intermittent renewable energy and are used by many countries as part of strategy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Bio-energies & fuels

We can provide with ethanol from corn and sugarcane, biodiesel from soy, rapeseed, and oil palm. They dominate the current market for biofuels. There is also a number of advanced second-generation biofuels made from non-food feedstocks, such as municipal waste, algae, perennial grasses, and wood chips. These fuels include cellulosic ethanol, bio-butanol, methanol and a number of synthetic gasoline/diesel equivalents.

Gas turbine energy

Gas engines and gas turbines provide more reliable, efficient, environmentally friendlier power generation in the full range of mobile and stationary applications.

Oil & Gas

These basic sources of energy are set to continue playing a vital role in meeting the world's energy needs, accounting for nearly half of the primary energy mix in 2040. We aim to provide affordable, reliable and clean energy. In an industry with an ever-growing number of constraints, we are harnessing our expertise and innovation capabilities to prepare the future of energy for our planet.

Renewable Energies

The Sustainable Development Scenario forecasts that renewable energies will represent around 30% of the world’s energy mix in 2040. Most renewable energy sources produce little to no global warming emissions. We at Global Reality Energy can bring you the expertise : in solar, wind energies.

We are committed to promoting the emergence of technologies that strengthen the competitiveness and availability of this clean source of energy.


As renewable, low-carbon resources, bioenergies have a vital contribution to make in reducing emissions, particularly in transportation. That is why bioenergies are a perfect fit with our ambition to become the responsible energy major.


The increase in global energy needs goes hand in hand with global population growth and economic and social development. In the transportation sector, energy needs are increasing by 31% per year. Demand for plastics is growing by 3% annually.

Autonomous Island

Global Reality and Global Defense have united their resources to offer you a unique and revolutionary solution: the construction of a power plant, 100% renewable energy, with the capacities of a nuclear power plant, thanks to a tidal turbine system.


  • Economic: profitability and competitiveness

  • Ecological: sustainable development

  • Geopolitical: international influence

Image by Atilla Taskiran