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At Global Reality, we take waranty very seriously. This ensure our clientele to get its quality construction, at the price and time agreed.


There are 4 mandatory guarantees:

1. The delivery at agreed price and time: this guarantee comes into play from the very start to the end of the project. The construction project, its price and all deadlines must be determined and agreed upstream. This guarantee is correlated with the contract and covers the risks of non-performance or poor performance. This guarantee also covers the fixed penalties applicable in the event of a possible delay of more than 30 days in the delivery.

2. The guarantee of perfect completion: it intervenes during the first year after the reception of the house. It covers the repair of all disturbances occurring within this period. By disturbance, we mean, for example, apparent defects or lack of conformity that the client has noticed. Of course, normal wear and tear on the construction or poor maintenance are not taken into account in this warranty.

3. The two-year guarantee or proper functioning guarantee: the period of application of this guarantee is two years once you have received the house. It covers the repair or replacement of equipment that can be separated from the construction, in other words, equipment that can be removed without damaging the construction. For example: shutters, water heater, window, wall coverings, radiators, pipes, etc. It also covers the bad painting realization for instance.

4. The ten-year guarantee or ten-year civil liability insurance: the responsibility of the builder is engaged for a period of 10 years from the reception of the house. It is in part to prevent this type of damage that builders often include a soil survey at the start of a construction project. This allows the house to be better adapted to the nature of the land.