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who we are

integrator of solutions in the energy sector and building technologies

At Global Reality, we offer a unique platform and ecosystem to our customers in the sectors of renewable energies, BIM solutions, smartbuildings.

Our teams are constituted of the most experienced consultants and experts in energy, constructions and roads infrastructures.
Our clients have an exclusive access to the last green, innovative and revolutionary technologies, high-security standards, BIM robots, best products on the market and the most interesting investments. Our clients are private individuals, companies, professionals, and state or local institutions.
Global Reality accompany you to make your dream come true. From A to Z. From an idea, to its realization. From the walls, the road, to the water and energy of your project.


what we do

Consulting, diagnosis, facilitator, expertise, integrator, assistance and maintenance. We accompany you before, during and after your project. We offer you the best prices on the market, all in one solution, one partner.

Currently, construction is time-consuming, energy-intensive, wasteful and costly. At Global Reality, we fix all these problems, and bring you even more.

We work on different sectors: energy, building technologies, real estate investment.

​Global Reality Ltd is part of the conglomerate Global Group.

Global Group Llc is working in 5 different sectors of activities, and is one of the 164 companies of the ICC. (International Chamber of Commerce). Global Group Llc is a UN, NATO supplier, registered to the American DDTC, as well as to DUNS. In some of our specific activities (GA Political or Global Defense), we are also advisors to the European Commission,accredited Lobbyist to the European Parliament and member of the Business Council of Forbes Magazine.

Word of our CEO

​Throughout world's history, Mauritius has always been a strategic hub due to its geographical position as described on the country's coat of arms: The Star and the Key of the Indian Ocean. [...]

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Head of Constructions

Meet Fabrice Arimond, the head of Global Reality Constructions. Project manager, entrepreneur, leader, he cares of every details for our clients and understand deeply their needs and dreams.

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Head of Design Office

Meet Nafeesah, the head of our design office and Chief Architect. Specialized in Grand Projects Development, she masters architecture and sees straight into the dreams and desires of our customers.

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Smart Construction Engineer

Meet David, the head of our engineering office. He masters project management, expert in last technologies development. Worked in projects across the globe. His passion for building defines his work and ethics.

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