Concrete Blocks are so 2020. Irrelevant... and we want to forget EVERYTHING about it !

Welcome to 2022 and the world of Eco-Conception !

Switch now and choose a sustainable revolution. Chose the future and innovation.​

We believe time has come to replace past solutions of concrete in order to provide a new and innovative technology. SmartWalls are used exactly as cement. But it is more ecological and easier to install ! 

The use of technologically advanced co-polymers creates stable surfaces from existing soils or aggregates of your choice.

Smart bricks

An alliance of ancestral methods with an up-to-date sustainable technology. Build your own bricks with what you have in your garden.

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Smart Walls Slabs

Eco-conception is on its way. Smart walls are smart concrete slabs, constructed from your land's raw material or clay, construction site soil and construction waste mixed with our proprietary copolymer solution, acting as an effective binder.

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    - Every kind of construction

    - Fire Resistance

    - Healthy home to breathe in

    - High-Performance Insulation

    - Thermal Performance

    - Energy Saving


    - Color Fading

    - Heat and Cold

    - Wind & Storm Blow Off

    - Corrosion and moisture

    - Wavy Walls

    - Installation Errors


    Our technologies are certified by the WFTAO, the worldwide network for co-ordinating and facilitating the technical assessment of innovation in the construction field.

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