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Invest in tourism. An investment from 20 000€, turnkey solution. Crazy return on investment. You need to hear more!



The BUILDER TECH is based on a very unique AI technology and on the next Building Information Modelling (BIM) revolution, reputed for its sustainability, strenght, eco-friendly and innovative model.

BIM is an intelligent process that gives architecture, engineering and construction professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings.

We have developed a way to design and manufacture buildings of the future. Experience our advanced and easy to use drafting system, which enables you to design your building and get it ready for manufacturing in a single effortless step.

  • Your project from A to Z - Turn Key Solution

    We take care of everything: from locating the best land, permits, identifying the tech for your dream house, construction, legal, delivery.

  • BIM : Get your home x2 faster !

    We use one of the best tech on the market in order to reduce time of construction drastically and facilitate cooperation between the various actors of your project.

  • Architecture Expertise

    Passion, Devotion, Love and dream. Our architects are artists, they draw your project with emotion and pure devotion to your dream. We are specialized on big structure projects.


Using the Builder Tech, reduce your construction costs drastically. Less labor force, construction in factory and not on site, less charges, less incidents.

Substantial savings over contractors individual home projects because factories purchase large quantities of lumber.


Get into your new home faster so you can enjoy it longer. Site-built homes can take many weeks to complete, while our homes are assembled on site and usually finished within a few months.


Building a house has never been so easy, almost like a game! But easy does not neglect quality. Our homes make sense because they can be built to suit any environment or climate, they're strong, reliable, easy to build and totally tailor-made. Tell us what's on your head, and let our architect make it true !

  • 1. House plan & dream

    Starting point of any construction, your plan, your idea, your dream define the outline of the project. 

  • 2. Digital model

    The digital model brings the project to life in 3D. It become possible to see a first materialization of your project. 

  • 3. Modeled structure

    Builder Machine interprets the digital model and complete it by realizing the modeled structure of the building.

  • 4. When Magic Happens

    The Builder Tech is transforming your digital model into palpable reality

  • 5. Assembling

    The profiles are assembled to form the structure (panels of walls, ceilings, trusses of roof, supports of floors...). Assembling the structure of a 100m²  requires about 3 working days of 3 workers. The structure is ready to be dressed according to the customer's dreams.

  • 6. House ready !

    Six to eight weeks are enough to finalize a house with the Builder Tech. 


The future is Perma'Home™. Because we think long term, innovative ecological, sustainable, super-evolutive, connected, smart and secure.Accept the change, and make your smooth transition with Global Reality.

This starts now!

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Build your market space with Global Reality, get a revolutionary, innovative and green structure. Discover our turnkey solution and investment, and become an important actor in your community.

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