Polymer roads and walls

Our innovative and revolutionary polymer techs



About the RoadTech


Road network plays a crucial role in the development of a country. Thus it should consist of the best possible infrastructure in all aspects.


We believe time has come to replace past solutions of concrete and asphalt. We provide a new and innovative technology. Our RoadTech provides an alternative to standard asphalt and concrete road construction through the use of technologically advanced polymers which create stable road surfaces from existing soils.

RoadTech Uses

Road improvement

& repair


Open-up isolated areas

Against erosion: build bridges

Only benefits

  • Polymer stabilization products are easy to use and dry rapidly for minimal down-time and traffic impact

  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous

  • Economical and easier to install than standard road building methods

  • Decreased rolling resistance and increased ride performance

  • Less rutting, spalling, raveling and surface degradation

  • Dust suppression and particulate emission control

  • Reduced infiltration, improved run-off and erosion control

  • Reduced wear on vehicles

RoadTech in numbers

2x stronger than concrete

4.5x stronger than asphalt

install 4 kilometers per day VS 500 meters for concrete and 200 meters for asphalt

30 to 60% cheaper

Completely GREEN


The WallTech is based on the exact same tech as the road.

ONLY Benefits of a Polymer Wall

  • Energy Savings

  • Does not corrode

  • High-Performance Quad R Insulation

  • Will not trap moisture in your walls

  • Non contributor of “sick home syndrome”

  • Allows your home to breathe

  • Superior impact resistance

  • Paintable

It also eliminates...

  • Wind & Storm Blow Off

  • Wavy Walls

  • Installation Errors

  • Hail Damage

  • Color Fading

Be part of the revolution, switch NOW.


Our PolyTechs are WFTAO Certified