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Liberia's Government Endorses the RoadTech as a New Approach to Cut Down Cost On Road Construction

As related in local news in Liberia, The Ministry of Public Works and the Embassy of Sweden have endorsed the construction of polymer roads in the country.

A brilliant, green and economic initiative from the government, the polymer pavement costs US $424,000 per one kilometer instead of the regular US $1million or US $1.2 million that are normally spent for a kilometer of asphalt or concrete pavement !

The road project is the first in Liberia, and will probably be the first of a long serie.

“This is a pilot project that makes the beginning of Polyroads in Liberia. We came along with our development partners and other engineers from the Ministry of Public Works and we have seen that this road has come to our satisfaction. We have realized that what was advertised, actually works. We are still at the beginning stage and it may look like we have completed a major milestone but we are still at the beginning. I’ll give them Nike sign. They have given us what they have told us,” Minister Kialain said.

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