special projects




evolutive house

What is it?

Your tailored modular house, loft, duplex, villa or even building

Evolves with you, your family, your needs

Excellent investment

Express implementation, anywhere

Ultraprecise fabrication

100% automatic

Why chose it?

High standards materials

Connected house/smart home

Energy Free (photovoltaic and solar energy)

Vegetal rooftop

Ecological and comfy

Best isolation

Strong structure, 100 years guarantee


luxury secured villas

What is it ?

Tailored private house

State-of-the-art technologies to ensure security

Connected house/smart home

Solutions for a high standards lifestyle

Premium materials

WallTech technology for the structure

Why chose it?

A unique house manufactured for you

Maximal security, as you won't find on the global market (intelligence experts at your service)

Tailored architecture

Premium home designer


bunker house

What is it?

Your bunkered house

Tailor made solution

High security doors and windows

Fully equiped and operational

Complete turn-key survival facility solutions

CBRN air filtration systems, blast doors, blast valves, water generators

Confidentiality and special experts at your disposal

Why chose it?

Military grade security - at your door

Total discrecy

Safe, whatever the threat


data centers

What is it?

House computer systems and associated IT components, such as telecommunications and storage systems

Includes backup component

Infrastructure for power supply (uninterruptible access to energy, high voltage power)

Infrastructure for data communications connections

Environmental controls (e.g. air conditioning, fire suppression, heat detection systems)

Various security devices (Surveillance system, high security doors and windows)

Tailor made solution

Fully equiped and operational

Why chose it?

Highest level of security and reliability

Confidentiality and special experts at your disposal

Total discrecy